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Our Vision:
We would love to see you live a pain free life in order for you to have complete satisfaction of the body, mind, and spirit
Our Mission:
We aim to improve the patient’s quality of life, so they have a great today, and an even better tomorrow.
Our Philosophy:
At Markville clinic we hope to engage fellow patients with an active,and painless method to bring out the best quality of life.

Our Major Clinical Programs

Chronic Pain Management or Somatic Dysfunction Treatment Clinic
In today’s busy world, we’re pulled in many directions at once. We have responsibilities at home and at work, and sometimes it all just becomes too much. Our bodies start to let us know that we’re feeling the stress of our daily lives. Feelings of stress are caused by your body’s instinct to defend itself. This instinct is good in emergencies, such as when you need to get out of the way of a speeding car. But stress can cause unhealthy physical symptoms if it isn’t managed properly.
One of the best possible approaches for pain management is osteopathy which focuses on using non surgical and less painful means such as physical therapy to cure the problems that cause or alleviate pain in the human body
Pain Management
Pain Management
Focus on the treatment body pain such as LBP,etc
Foot Assesment & Care
Foot Assesment & Care
Focusing of managing of Common foot problems
Beauty and Sliming
Beauty and Sliming
Addressing your body shape,Your face and Skin Beauty
Laser therapy
Laser therapy
Laser therapies are medical treatments that use focused light.
Somatic dysfunction
Somatic dysfunction
Defined as an impairment and/or alteration of the body’s framework
Work Related Muskuloskeletal Disorders
Work Related Muskuloskeletal Disorders
Assesment to care disorders

What do you expect to see at the clinic?

We start by performing a free musculoskeletal screening. This includes devices such as a foot and spine scan, musculoskeletal ultrasound, surface EMG, mini Doppler. Additionally, we can further execute an assessment, treatment plan, adjustment, and possible rehabilitation plan following the screening. Finally, if necessary, we can refer you to a physician.


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Build a Healthy Workplace with an Employee Wellness Program

We offer a wide-range of practitioners who specialize in various forms of therapy

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We Are Here To

Develope a wholistic approach to pain management and wellbeing. A standard to be adopted and followed by all our branches
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